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Greeting   from  Revolford Industry  Co., Ltd.


Revolford Industry is Electric Actuator Manufacturing Company established as joint investment between Motor Manufacturing Company (55 years history) in Osaka and Pump Related Company in Ningbo, China.


Our company has been started to produce various motor equipments required in international market. Our products have two aspects. One aspect is the quality stability and advance technology by Made in Japan. The other is the Cost Competitiveness of Main Land China. This combination of these two aspects is our priority in making superior products.


1. We have accumulated Know-How of development, design, production of the electric motors as drive source required for various situations, through over 55 year’s motor production history. Recently, energy saving is always required by rising resources prices and eco-awareness increase. This is essential requirement. Japanese Company has priority in making energy-saving devices.


2. The production cost in Mainland China has up trend by labor cost increase and RMB appreciation. But the manufacturing costs are still low level, comparing to the costs in Japan, Europe and USA. Especially, there is still big difference in initial costs (mould & tooling) in the beginning of production. If it is possible to reduce an Initial Cost by the cooperation from Chinese Partner, we can easily start to manufacturing of small lot production of many products.


Revolford Industry Co., Ltd. works forward to develop new products with our customer’s requirement from the market as the first priority. We are waiting for frank & serious request from our customers who want to develop new products. Please kindly appoint Revolford Industry Co., Ltd. as Partner for your company to develop your new products.


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            Revolford Industry Co., Ltd.

                                            General Sales : Akio Kaihara